Immediate and timely attention

Earn favored time while your pet receives veterinary care.

Family members

In 6 out of 10 homes there are pets, let's take care of them.

Unexpected accidents

Emergency situations can arise when you least expect them, including your pets.

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Our products

Choose the best first aid kit for your pet.

¿What is aidkmit animal healthcare?

It is a first aid kit and essential within everyone's reach; it was created to solve a basic need in the event of any type of eventuality with pets and in which immediate action is required until adequate veterinary attention can be received.

First Aid Kits

Inside each suitcase you will find small kits with products that will help solve any accident of your pets.

Quality products

Inside each suitcase you will find small kits with products that will help solve any accident of your pets.

Manuals for the use of kits

For the good use of the products, manuals with precise instructions for its handling are incorporated.

Permanent assistance

We have a team of veterinarians who will be willing to resolve any questions and concerns, now everything is easier.

Changing the way you help your pets.

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, and timely attention can save the lives of the family members most dear to you.

Response time
Controlling the situation

Our Kits

Our pets deserve the best care, for each accident inside the case you will find the best solution with medical-hospital products that will allow to attend in an appropriate and timely manner emergency signs generated by:

Trauma and Injuries

Traumas such as blows, lacerations, open wounds, among others.

Poisoning and stings

Poisonous animal bites, ingestion of toxins (poisons), insect bites, among others.

Digestive emergencies

Trastornos digestivos como diarrea, vomito, deshidratación, entre otras.

Ethology and emotions

Change in their normal behavior such as anxiety, insomnia, among others.

Material kits and emergency support

Basic materials that will allow to attend an emergency in an easy and comfortable way to suffered by your pet handling properly products contained in the kits.

Innovation & Quality

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Our mobile application, the perfect solution at your fingertips.

Access and purchase the best products for the care of your pets in our store.

The best products in our specialized kits for every situation with your pets.

Permanent communication with professionals in health of our pets, we will always accompany you.

Access to product user manuals through QR codes located in your kit.

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